Luckily for the public, Tabari has gotten much better with age – and as soon as he takes the stage, you'll see just why that is.

A LITTLE bit about ...

Tabari McCoy

Tabari McCoy recorded his first comedy album in his basement when he was either 10 or 11 years of age. But it was terrible – and like the item central to the plot of Indiana Jones and The Lost Ark – it was filed away, never be heard again.

But no matter what he says, he does it with one simple goal in mind: Making people laugh – and hoping he doesn’t anger his family or God in the process.

An award-winning journalist, Tabari continues his writing pursuits today –  most prominently at McCoy On Movies, his online movie blog (most of his reviews can also be found at for proof.) Now with his debut album Laughing With a Panther (Rooftop Comedy) in stores and his national TV debut on Fox's Laughs under his belt, his future on stage is looking bigger and brighter ... Or that's at least what he tells all the financial institutions to whom he owes money. 

In addition to being featured on Rooftop Comedy’s Road Trip on the MavTV Network and, Tabari also starred alongside his mom in an episode of HGTV’s popular series Property Virgins buying his first home … Hence the reason he would really appreciate you supporting his career. 

A fan of stand-up comedy dating back to when he would laugh at Laffy Taffy wrappers, Tabari’s sense of humor reflects a wide assortment of influences, speaking on everything from every day annoyances to pop culture, sports and his own personal experiences. He has also been honored to perform at several prestigious events, such as the illustrious San Francisco Sketch Fest, the North Carolina Comedy Arts FestivalGilda's LaughFestin Grand Rapids, MI, the inaugural Limestone Comedy Festival in Bloomington, IN and Brew Ha Ha in his native Cincinnati.